All-new Coachworks Game Boosters add new Ships to Firefly: The Game
Take to the skies in two new ships for Firefly: The Game, the Esmeralda and the Jetwash.  Built on the latest Firefly chassis, both of these ships are top-of-the-line Series IV Firefly vessels.  At their core, each ship has a superior drive core, more cargo space and a secure fuel exchange system.  Each ship also comes pre-equipped with specialty upgrades optimized to maximize their use for certain tasks and jobs.
A dedicated transport vessel, the Esmeralda affords passengers maximum comforts as they journey across ‘the Verse.  With fully appointed and expanded staterooms, the Esmeralda has plenty of room for both passengers and crew alike.  Passengers and crew alike will break bread together in the Esmeralda’s family-style Full Mess Deck.  If need to get to your destination in style or if you need to get to your destination in secret, the Esmeralda is the right ship for the job. 
If you need cargo delivered quickly and quietly, the Jetwash is the ship for you.  Like all Series IV Firefly vessels the Jetwash boasts an expansive cargo bay, with room to spare for any load.  Taking inspiration from its namesake, the Jetwash also come pre-equipped with some dynamic upgrades.  Navigating treacherous space is a mite easier when deploying the ships Decoy Nav Sat Cluster.  And if the Jetwash does find itself in a tight spot, a boost from its ram jets can ensure that the ship reaches its destination.  At the helm of the Jetwash, you will be a leaf on the wind and other captains will watch you soar.

Each Coachworks game booster contains everything players need to add a new ship to Firefly: The Game.  A new Firefly Series IV model; ship card; color-coordinated ship dice; new ship upgrades; sheet of game tokens; a new Set Up Card; and a new Story Card.  Take flight on board the Esmeralda and the Jetwash when you find these Coachworks Game Boosters at your favorite games retailer.

 Blue Sun logo
Firefly: The Game - Blue Sun Now Available In Our Online Store

Fire up your engines and full burn out to the edge of the ‘Verse.  Firefly: The Game – Blue Sun has expanded the game into new territory. A new Board section pushes the ‘Verse outwards, adding new systems to explore and exploit. Navigate this frontier space with an all new Nav Deck. A new Supply Planet offers new Gear to purchase and new Crew to hire. Two new Job Contacts offer new opportunities and unique game-changing challenges while the game’s other Contacts have new Jobs to claim a piece of the Rim for themselves. Two new Leaders present new strategies for players to execute as they focus on three new Story Cards. Two additional Reaver Cutters and new rules for these dangerous savages put the ‘Verse on high alert. Reaver activity is on the rise and your Crew is on the menu!

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“You'll have to rely on your winning personality to get women. God help you."
Atherton Wing is a man of wealth and entitlement; he is also a cad, bounder and heel.  A despicable sort who blusters and bullies to get his way, this rotter is one of the new Leaders found in Firefly: The Game – Blue Sun.

Due to his vast resources, Atherton is a Leader with TWO Keywords, Fancy Duds and Fake IDs.  Starting the game with both of these important Keywords, along with his two points of Negotiation skill and one point of Fight, means that the Atherton player can attempt riskier Jobs with Misbehave card draws earlier in the game and gain a critical edge he can lord over rival captains.  Of course all of this power doesn’t come without consequence, a man of Atherton’s detestable reputation has earned a Black Mark in the Companion Client Registry meaning that he cannot engage the services of a Companion.  Without the influence and charms of a Companion to aid him in his business undertakings, Atherton’s character will have to speak for itself.  But where character fails him, perhaps wealth can make up the difference?
With her reputation and composure, Sheydra wields considerable influence over the affairs of the Companion Guild and oversees the training of many Companion potentials.  Her clients are among the most powerful in the ‘Verse, so any captain that includes her as a part of their crew will see immediate dividends.  Closed doors are opened and sticky situations are quickly resolved with only a few well-placed words.  Highly sought-out, Sheydra prefers the quite life of the Rim to the cacophony of life in Alliance Space.
Of course not every captain has the ability to add a Registered Companion to their Crew, for those crews there is the Love Bot.  The Love Bot is a piece of Gear found on the planet Meridian that confers a number of benefits to its crew.  Its programmed charms add a point of Negotiation skill to the crew.  A Love Bot also counts as a Companion, handy for collecting Job Bonus when you Get Paid and serving as an Ace for certain Misbehave Cards.  Of course since the Love Bot only “counts as” a Companion, even Leaders with a Black Mark may purchase it and enjoy its many benefits.  In the vast emptiness of the Big Black, a Love Bot may just be best company for those long, lonely journeys.
“There is no news. There is only the truth of the signal.”
Mr. Universe is an infamous hacker and data-broker working in the shadows of the oppressive Alliance to spread his agenda of free information. Hiding right under the noses of the authorities on one the many moons serving as a Cortex Relay to the Rim, Mr. Universe deals information and cryptic tasks to other people living and working on the fringe. His ends are his own, his instructions are inscrutable but for those up to the challenge, the rewards are worth it!




The Challenges Mr. Universe issues often fly in face of reason, making sense only to him and him alone (and maybe his loyal Lovebot, Lenore). Mr. Universe may task a Crew to attempt a dangerous Illegal task for one of the ‘Verse more unsavory Contacts with the baffling instructions “With Your Hands Tied” forbidding violence or he may ask a Crew to engage in a bit of additional “Techno Kung-Fu” while working a nice simple Legal Job. Regardless of their mysterious nature, a captain can’t argue with the results, an extra payout when the Job is done!
In Firefly: The Game – Blue Sun Mr. Universe is a new job contact offering a special type of Job call a Big Damn Challenge. A Big Damn Challenge is not a stand-alone task, it attaches to a Job from another contact, modifying the Job with additional requirements and offering additional rewards.

Captains obtain Big Damn Challenges just as they would any other Job; Challenges go into their hand and  count against their Max Hand size. When a Crew uses a Work Action to start another Job, the captain may attach an appropriate Big Damn Challenge to that Job. From that point on, the Challenge is a part of the Job and does not count against the captain’s Active Job Limit.

Once the Job and the additional Challenge are completed, the Crew receives the payout of the original Job and adds the payout of the Challenge. Like any other Contact, a captain can earn and lose a Solid Rep with Mr. Universe; those who’ve earned his favor can increase their Hand Size of Inactive Jobs as he opens his data networks to a favored friend. With his vast network and impossible knowledge, Mr. Universe might very well be the best Contact a captain can have in the ‘Verse!

New Beginnings
One of the most exciting aspects of Firefly: The Game – Blue Sun is the introduction of Set Up Cards.  Set Up Cards introduce alternate game set up steps which modify the nature and tone of the game.  A Set Up Card may change the state of the Nav Decks, the disposition of Alliance and Reaver ships, the means by which players choose Leaders, Ships and Starting Supplies, and / or how starting Jobs are dealt.  When paired with a Story Card, it creates a new Firefly game experience!  In a situation where a Set Up card seems to conflict with a chosen Story Card, the Story Card’s conditions take precedence.  

Firefly: The Game – Blue Sun includes a Set Up card called “Awful Crowded In My Sky” which greatly increases the presence of the meddlin’ Alliance and predatory Reavers.  Captains will always need to be on guard when no place in the ‘Verse is safe.

Click here to download a PDF of the Standard Game Set Up Card.

Look for more Set Up cards in future Firefly: The Game expansions and boosters and online here at the game’s webpage.

Navigating Rim Space
In Firefly: The Game – Blue Sun sail your ship out past Border Space to the very edge of the ‘Verse, Rim Space.  To represent travel in the Blue Sun-side of Rim Space, the expansion adds a new Nav Deck to the game.  The Rim Space Nav Deck contains all new hazards, encounters and opportunities for your ship and crew.
There are few safe ports in Rim Space, so a captain must be prepared for anything.  A well-stocked ship with a capable crew is all that lies between you and the dark void of space.  A Fuel Coupling Failure while traveling through the Rim can be devastating, stranding your ship far from civilization.  If your Fuel Coupling fails, there are no work arounds; you’ll have to replace the faulty part before all of your Fuel leaks out leaving you drifting in the vast emptiness of the Rim. 
Be it poor planning, bad luck or a bit of both, some desperate souls are set adrift (they may have suffered a Fuel Coupling Failure), with basic life support and a distress beacon to sustain them.  The odds of surviving such an ordeal are slim, but a passing ship may hear the call and pick up a new grateful crew member or they may just slide on by, ignoring those drifting Objects in Space.

Increased Reaver activity in the Rim also spills into Border Space.  Firefly: The Game – Blue Sun includes new Nav Cards to replace existing cards in the Border Space Nav Deck.  These new cards can advance the Reavers in both Border and Rim Space unleashing them in far-flung locations in pursuit of hapless victims!

Secrets of Rim Space Revealed!
Check out some highlights from the new gameboard section in Firefly: The Game – Blue Sun.  This game expansion adds a new region of the ‘Verse, Rim Space.  In the Blue Sun expansion you will get to travel to the far-flung areas of Rim Space such as the Blue Sun system and its capital planet, Meridian.  Or set your course to the most dangerous area of the ‘Verse, Reaver Space and chasing forgotten fortunes.  Here are some highlights of the new gameboard.
Firefly: The Game – Blue Sun contains a new game board addition, two new Contact Decks, new Jobs for existing Contacts, a new Nav Deck for Rim Space, a new Supply Deck for the planet Meridian, new rules for Reavers, two more Reaver Cutters to increase the likelihood of encountering these murderous space cannibals, new Story Cards and a new game-changing Set Up Card.

Explore the Rim with Firefly: The Game - Blue Sun!
Fire up your engines and full burn out to the edge of the ‘Verse.  This fall, Firefly: The Game – Blue Sun expands the game into new territory.  A new Board section pushes the ‘Verse outwards, adding new systems to explore and exploit.  Navigate this frontier space with an all new Nav Deck.  A new Supply Planet offers new Gear to purchase and new Crew to hire.  Two new Job Contacts offer new opportunities and unique game-changing challenges while the game’s other Contacts have new Jobs to claim a piece of the Rim for themselves.  Two new Leaders present new strategies for players to execute as they focus on three new Story Cards.  Two additional Reaver Cutters and new rules for these dangerous savages put the ‘Verse on high alert.  Reaver activity is on the rise and your Crew is on the menu!

A 10” x 20” map extension opens a whole new region to explore: the frontier of the ‘Verse, part of an area of space known as the Rim. Rim Space presents captains with new hazards to navigate, including the increased threat of the feral Reavers!

Rim Space is not a place for the faint-hearted, a ship pushing past Border Space out towards the raggedy edge of space best be ready to deal with what’s out there.  A good mechanic and healthy supply of parts will keep your ship’s buffer from blowing out mid-flight or that old fuel coupling from springing a leak when you’re far from the nearest fuel depot.  There are a lot of mysteries out on the Rim, stories about entire colony ships destroyed by Reavers and other ships lost to space, so keep an eye out for lucrative  salvage opportunities, just make sure that the fate of those derelicts don’t befall your own ship and Crew.

While the far-flung worlds of the Rim have naught but the basic necessities, the governing world of Meridian is a vibrant, thriving world with a robust economy and exotic markets.  This is due in no small part to the presence of the secretive Blue Sun Corporation headquartered on this world, far from the prying eyes of the Alliance.  All manner of specialty goods are available here, offering captains an edge over their rivals and some small measure of protection from the threat of the bloodthirsty Reavers.

 Pirates & Bounty Hunters logo

Pirates & Bounty Hunters introduces a heavy dose of player verses player interaction to the ‘Verse.  Raid rival’s ships and loot thier Cargo Holds with Piracy Jobs.  Hunt down wanted fugitives to collect lucrative Bounties.  Ready your Crew for Showdowns with brand new Supply Cards.  Explore the ‘Verse with two new ships, the Interceptor and S.S. Walden.  Choose from two new Leaders who specialize in anti-social strategies and hire on Lawmen to reward those who bring justice to the ‘Verse.

 "You're not right, Early. You're not righteous. You got issues."

Jubal Early may just be one of the most dangerous persons in the ‘Verse.  This determined bounty hunter is one of the new Leader choices in Firefly: The Game – Pirates & Bounty Hunters.  Running down desperate fugitives isn’t hardly what you’d call honorable work, but a man like Jubal Early lives by code; he takes a job, he finishes a job.

As a Leader, Early is very versatile.  He is only the second leader to have all three skills points and he is a Pilot.  On his own Early should be able to take on some easy Jobs while he assembles a proper crew.  Early may also carry TWO pieces of Gear, and there are a few pieces of Gear in the expansion that are worth a look for an Early player.

Early's Pistol is a Firearm which adds a point of Fight to a Fight test when equipped.  What makes the pistol special is its ability to add an additional two Fight points to a Showdown test.  Coupled with Early’s innate ability to add two Fight points when he is the Attacker during a Showdown means that Early with his unique pistol could contribute SIX points of Fight during a Showdown!  With the ability to carry and use two pieces of Gear, you might choose to locate and purchase Early's Combat Armor as well.  This protective suit may prevent the owner from being Killed when worn (more importantly, if the Crew wearing the armor is not Killed, unlike a Killed Crew who is saved by a Medic, that Crew does not have to return to the ship for the rest of the Work Action)!  The Armor also grants a point of Tech and Fight!

But here’s the wrinkle for the Early player.  Both of these impressive pieces of Gear can be found at the Space Bazaar.  The Space Bazaar is home to the best pilots in the ‘Verse, but since Early already is a Pilot, the Space Bazaar may not be his first destination in the game.  Strains the mind, don’t it?

So we know that Early is particularly handy in a Showdown, but what exactly IS a Showdown?  A Showdown is a confrontation between two crews resolved with a special Skill test.  During a Showdown the current active player is the Attacker while the target player is the Defender.  First the Attacker chooses which Crew skill they will use in the Showdown (Either Fight, Tech or Negotiate) then the Defender will choose which Skill they will use.  Both players then roll a dice and add their chosen Skill.  The crew with the highest total wins the Showdown!  The Attacker can only win through decisive victory, so in the event of a tie, the Defender is the winner.  Like many other Skill tests, a Crew may add its Gear to the total and the “Thrillin’ Heroics” bonus roll apply as well.  The results of the Showdown will be detailed on Job card or Bounty.  A Showdown may also occur between a bounty hunter and a lone fugitive; in these cases, when a Crew confronts a lone fugitive on a Supply Planet the player to the captain’s right will roll as the Defender.

Jubal Early is a bounty hunter by trade, but that doesn’t mean he won’t take on other Jobs from the Contacts of the ‘Verse.  Likewise, any captain in the game can decide to send their Crew in the pursuit of dangerous fugitives.  To that end, a captain may want to hire on Crew who have a particular expertise when it comes to hunting fugitives and collecting bounties.  In Pirates & Bounty Hunters a captain will find a number of Lawmen to give them that edge.  Lawmen differ from other Crew on a few key points.

Lawmen Work for Free:  It costs nothing to hire a Lawman and as such, a Lawman won’t take a cut from completed Jobs.

Lawmen Obey the Law:  A Lawman will never work an ILLEGAL Job.  If your Crew is working an Illegal Job, the Lawman will remain behind on the ship.

Lawmen Enforce the Law:  All Lawmen grant a Bounty Bonus, which is paid when a Bound Fugitive is successfully delivered to the designated Drop-Off location.

There a number of Lawmen in the expansion, each with a unique ability.  So if you stay on the right side of the Law and run down a bounty or two in the course of the game, having a Lawman in your Crew could be quite a boost!

 "You would have done the same."
Firefly: The Game – Pirates & Bounty Hunters introduces a dangerous new job type to the ‘Verse: Piracy.  After accepting one of these jobs from a Contact, your target is not a backwater moon in Border Space, but your fellow captains, their ships, and their goods.  Piracy jobs are found in a Contact’s Job deck, just like any other Job and may be taken on as part of a Deal Action.   Each Contact specializes in a particular brand of Piracy, targeting rivals under different circumstances.  For example, Badger's Jobs will target any rival ship while Harken's Jobs will only target rival outlaw ships.

All Piracy Jobs have a unique morality, Subjective.  A Subjective Job’s moral impact depends on your intended target.  It is IMMORAL to Work a SUBJECTIVE Job on a target ship with a MORAL Leader.  But it’s perfectly acceptable to steal from someone without a strict moral code.

Once a target is identified, its time for your Crew to be bad guys.  A Piracy Job becomes Active once declare that you are attempting a Piracy Job as a Work Action while in the same sector as your target.  It’s advisable to keep the Piracy Job secret in your hand until you can reach your target’s location.  

Your first obstacle in your new career as a space privateer is to get aboard the target ship.  After you start a Piracy Job, you must make a Boarding Test; using your Tech skill to hack your way onto the ship or your Negotiate skill to con your way through the airlock.  Like any test, having a properly equipped Crew can make all the difference; a Security Interface Pad can help you crack that last lock while a charming rogue in a Shiny Neck Tie can trick your target into opening their door to you.  A properly outfitted ship sporting Mag-Grappler Launchers can also help you cut your way onto your prey’s ship making it a snap to board the vessel wearing an EVA Suit.  The tools of piracy abound in the ‘Verse.

Once onboard, you will face your rival’s Crew in a Showdown (we’ll go into detail about Showdowns next week).  If you lose the Showdown, you’ll have to retreat to your ship and suffer the consequences of the loss.  Crew may die, warrants may be issued, and every rival captain will know that you are now a backstabbing pirate!

If you win the Showdown, you’ll have your pick of your target’s choicest Goods.  Cargo, Contraband, Fuel and Parts all count as Goods.  The Piracy Job will indicate how many Goods you will be able to steal.  However you will only be able to steal what you can find; any Goods in your target’s Stash cannot be stolen.

Piracy in the ‘Verse is a dangerous, but lucrative proposition.  Not only will you get paid by the Contact for the Goods you stole, you’ll have a Cargo Hold full of valuable Cargo and Contraband to sell to a Solid Contact.  Of course, once your ship is laden with all of those valuable Goods, you just might find yourself the target of low-down, dirty Pirates.  Will the lure of easy credits tempt you and your Crew to a life of Piracy when Firefly: The Game – Pirates & Bounty Hunters arrives?  There are more previews to come, so be sure to check back often! 

 "This is the private salvage S.S. Walden"
The S.S Walden is one of two new ships making its debut in Firefly: The Game – Pirates & Bounty Hunters.  A deep space hauler, the Walden is a different style of ship from the ubiquitous Firefly transport.  The Walden has more cargo capacity; there are fifteen empty spaces in its voluminous cargo hold.  This ship is ideally suited to move large loads of cargo through the ‘Verse.


The Walden is powered by a unique Tri-Capissen 28HD Drive Core.  This slow but powerful engine is the only Drive Core the Walden may use.  The Tri-Capissen 28HD Drive Core follows the standard rule for a Full Burn as per page 7 of the Firefly: The Game rulebook. “To initiate a Full Burn Spend 1 Fuel token.”  The energy output of this core along with its three powerful engines makes the Walden immune to the Heavy Load penalty of certain Jobs.  While visiting the Space Bazaar looking for lucrative Heavy Load jobs out in the Motherlode, a captain concerned about the Walden’s speed may want to consider hiring on Wash as a Pilot.


Unlike the smaller Firefly, the Walden does not have a Stash to conceal precious goods from the prying eyes of the Alliance or from thieving pirates looking to steal everything in your hold.  As the space lanes of the ‘Verse become more treacherous, a captain may have to adopt a strategy of “do unto others before they do unto you”.  Given its larger capacity, the crew of the Walden has plenty of room for ill-gotten gains.


Originally designated as a salvage scow, the Walden is easily repurposed for questionable uses.  When the crew of the Walden completes a Piracy Job, it will also count as a Salvage Op, allowing Crew and Ship Upgrades to collect any bonus Fuel, Parts, Cargo, Contraband and money that they would normally collect from a Salvage Op encounter on a Nav Card.  The captain of the Walden may want to seek out some its original crew like Jesse and Billy to take full advantage of this aspect.  Piracy is not the only role the Walden will excel at, with such a large cargo hold, a captain who plans a proper route and leverages every empty space in that hold could make a lot of money running cargo.

The S.S Walden is a distinctive ship and presents new challenges and opportunities for its captain.  You will be able to captain this ship when Firefly: The Game – Pirates & Bounty Hunters will be on sale in game stores and hobby shops around the ‘Verse soon.  There are more previews to come, so be sure to check back often!

Breakin' Atmo Out Now!
Firefly: The Game - Breakin’ Atmo brings more excitement to the ‘Verse with loads of challenging new Jobs, shiny new Gear, and helpful Crew. A shrewd captain can set up a sweet payday with a bit of careful planning working new Jobs with skill-based payouts. New Crew offer more choices for the hard-to-get Tech and Negotiation skills as well as the all-important Keywords. Breakin’ Atmo Gear introduces some intriguing new game abilities and potential combos.  You may even care to try your luck at gambling with a hand of Tall Cards.

So get your ships planetside. There’s work to be done and money to be won!